Commercial Cleaning In The Industrial Sector

Industrial cleaning covers a wide range of industries and sectors; from graffiti removal to specialist cleaning jobs, there are many ways that the implementation of hygiene strategies can be utilized in a business. In some cases professional cleaning specialists are needed for the correct application and use of cleaning equipment.

There are many levels of cleaning that can be applicable to the industrial market, with different qualities and legislation to be met in terms of health and safety and quality standards. We all know that keeping the working environment clean and hygienic is important to the health and welfare of our employees; therefore rigorous and continual checks are needed to ensure that we have a positive atmosphere.

The food preparation and serving sector is one of the most important markets where cleanliness is a key issue; with strict guidelines and rules applied to working food preparation environments, it is vitally important that standards are met. The Food Safety Act 1990 regards all aspects of food preparation and of the penalties if serious illness occurs as a result of poor food hygiene.

We all know how much grease can build up in our own kitchens at home; industrial kitchens come under so much pressure from the working day that a huge amount of grease and residue builds up. This is a danger to the cleanliness of the operation as well as efficiency; when equipment becomes clogged it can become less capable of doing the job it is designed to do. With this in mind, it is important to have a consistent regime in place for deep cleansing methods in the kitchen.

Obviously anything to do with the air we breathe should be closely monitored; another industry that needs constant development with this is the health industry. With new germs and bacteria growing daily it is critical to stop the spread of harmful microorganisms in environments concerning both employees and patient’s health. Other methods usually utilized in this field are clinical and equipment cleaning; with the right equipment and training, the risks of contamination can be lowered.

Then there are obviously the carpets that are going to need cleaning and with the amount of footfall they are likely to experience, a good professional commercial carpet cleaners is the best way to make sure you get that grease and dirt out of the carpets and have them looking almost as good as new. It is all important to any business and we are sure these few tips can help to a healthy working environment.

Ways to Develop a Positive Environment in Your Workplace

Boost Positivity and Moral

It is common knowledge that employers, who make a concerted effort to keep their employees happy, keep their moral high and strive to create a positive environment for them to work in, enjoy the benefits of greater productivity and therefore higher profitability.

But what if this is not the case in your workplace? How do you create positive attitudes amongst employees and have them become enthusiastic about their work? Here are a few suggestions that I have seen in operation that have made the workplace a much more pleasant place to be.

The big breakfast.

Monday morning blues are very common amongst workers, so it is helpful to give your staff something to look forward to. Why not invite your employees to partake of an excellent breakfast every Monday morning? You could add an extra incentive for them to get to work on time by encouraging them to arrive half an hour earlier so that they can enjoy a nice relaxing breakfast before starting work.

The Fun Day.

Every workplace should have a fun day. Unlike the now popular family day, the fun day is strictly about improving relationships between the employees. It is a time for everyone from Executive to receptionist to get together like normal human beings and enjoy an outdoor activity together. Once employer I worked for organized a cricket match for the fun day.

The Staff Party

Again many employers hold an annual office, Christmas or new years party; this is nothing new, but too often that party is cheaply done and held in the same place that you work in. Dare to do something different. I once worked at a hotel that used to close for one night a year and invite every single staff member on a midnight cruise. They would hire top chefs for the evening to prepare the food, and we always had the hottest bands and DJ’s to provide the music. Look at it this way; it is the one night of the year that you get to show your employees how much you value and respect them, do it right.


I am pretty sure that I am not the only person in the world who sees a rainbow and just gets filled with happiness. The variety of colours just make for something so beautiful that I cannot help but smile to myself at what a miraculous world we live in. So, I decided to share some happiness with anyone and everyone who heads my way.

My intentions are to bring a smile to the face of people on an every day basis and to even help some of you out with whatever it is you may need. Happiness is the key to a long and healthy life so start smiling and enjoy your life and remember, I can sing a rainbow, you can sing one too.